First, the Racial Justice Working Group and the #DefundNYPD campaign extend our enthusiastic congratulations to NYC-DSA’s City Council slate candidates who won their primary elections: Tiffany Cabán in D22 and Alexa Avilés in D38. Our candidates are creating constituencies for socialism, tenant and worker power, and for the abolition of racist institutions of policing and incarceration across New York City. They pulled off their primary wins despite opposition from the PBA, the real-estate lobby, and Trump donor billionaire Stephen Ross, whose Common Sense PAC spent nearly $400,000 against DSA-endorsed candidates.

Second, we want to offer our assessment of the balance…

Despite the growing movement to defund the police and invest in social services, City Council members have chosen to continue defunding health, education, sanitation, and small business services in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis. Here’s what you need to know — and how to join the fight for budget justice.

Image depicts hundreds of protesters gathered on October 17, 2020 to support the demand to defund the NYPD, tax the rich, and stop mass layoffs. The most prominent banners held by protesters in this image read “Defund, Disarm & Disband the Police,” “Protect Black Women,” “Disarm Defund Abolish | #DefundNYPD |,” and “Crown Heights Service Industry Workers for Black Lives.”
Photo by Karla Coté

Last Wednesday, New York City Council members commemorated a year of global protests against police brutality by handing the NYPD $212 million more in taxpayer dollars — or $303 million when including Department of Education funds for the “school safety” program. About a year after the murder of George Floyd by those who “serve and protect,” the NYPD now enjoys $5.4 billion in municipal funding — plus an additional $5.7 billion for fringe benefits, pension funds, and debt obligations. …

Dishonest reporting can’t hide the truth: New Yorkers want our elected leaders to defund the police and refund the people. Here’s what we know from a year of organizing and outreach across NYC.

NYC’s primary election day is just around the corner (June 22) — and in the midst of our work to get out the vote, we’re also reflecting on a year of meaningful conversations with our fellow working class New Yorkers. Our movement has real, sustained power — evidenced in part by a growing list of 43 City Council candidates who pledge to support defunding the police by at least $3 billion during their terms, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s official endorsement of our DSA for the City Slate. …

Image is a photograph of a subway station entrance/exit in downtown Manhattan by City Hall covered in hand painted signs about police brutality and abolishing the police. Text on signs includes: “Oink! Oink! Oink! Cops are Killers”, “Abolish the Police”, “Black Lives Matter”, and “Justice for Layleen Polanco”. Further in the distance beyond the subway entrance are a crowd of people gathered. Beyond the people are high rise buildings.

What a year it’s been — we just passed the anniversary of New York City’s explosive uprising in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, hundreds of miles away, yet all too familiar. The spectacle of violence opened old wounds that never really healed, and the energy in the streets catalyzed something electrifying: a mass reimagining of what public safety really looks like for New Yorkers. It has never been more obvious that the system we have isn’t just broken — it’s fundamentally flawed in a way that’s unfixable.

That’s why we’ve never wavered in our commitment to defunding the bloated…

It’s Time to Reimagine Our City

Image is an illustration of a city with two skyscrapers, a hospital, a brownstone, and a smaller house nestled on top of mounds of dirt. The mounds of dirt have grass and roses growing out of it, as well as fallen coins. The bottom right corner has a broken police badge that says NYPD. The bottom left corner has a broken robot police dog in the dirt. Above the city there are two upside down broken piggy banks wearing police hats with coins, bills of money, and other objects like apples, carrot,

Why we need a People’s Budget

New York City is still grappling with a pandemic that has devastated Black, working class, and impoverished communities — the ones that were already vulnerable due to systemic racism, and decades of divestments from the public services and programs they rely on. Millions of New Yorkers are struggling with limited access to healthcare and education, housing and food insecurity, job loss, and despair while hedge fund billionaires and luxury real estate magnates grow wealthier. New Yorkers need these investments into social services and programs more than ever.

Last summer, New Yorkers took to the streets demanding justice for Black lives…

In response to the February 2021 stabbing of four people on New York City subway, the NYPD has deployed an additional 644 transit and police officers throughout the city’s transit system. This measure was welcomed by the Metropolitan Transit Association (MTA), who had requested a total of 1,500 officers be reassigned to the transit system. Several days later, when two Asian women were attacked by strangers in the subway system, New Yorkers across the political spectrum fell prey to a familiar, faulty logic: The greater the police presence, the safer the city. …

A statement by NYC-DSA’s #DefundNYPD Campaign

Last Thursday, with the release of his Preliminary NYC Budget, Mayor de Blasio made his priorities painfully clear. He has responded to a summer of protests against anti-Black police brutality and nationwide calls to defund the police — by proposing even more funding for the NYPD.

It’s a bizarre, albeit unsurprising move from our weak-willed Mayor, at a time when the white supremacist ties to our nation’s police have been laid bare for the entire world to see. As revelations emerge about law enforcement’s collusion with right-wing rioters at the Capitol, and as the…

NYC-DSA Racial Justice Working Group

Racial Justice Working Group is part of the NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Follow us as we #DefundNYPD and refund the people.

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