A Demand for Humanity: RJWG’s Statement in Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers on Rikers Island

Roughly 200 incarcerated men on Rikers Island have organized a hunger strike to protest inhumane conditions—including a lack of hot water, heat, and medical care in the midst of a pandemic. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can help.

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash


I am calling in support of the demands of the 200 hunger strikers on Rikers Island. We demand that you immediately:

- Let people come off lockdown; it’s not keeping them safe.

- Resume legal visits, phone calls, access to the law library, commissary, and recreation immediately.

- Resume medical and mental health care immediately.

- Ensure people can attend their court dates and legal visits 100% of the time.

We also demand the immediate release of all incarcerated individuals, as the Department of Corrections is unable to keep people alive. Pending this action, we are demanding that Eyes on You, an independent committee of community members and medical workers, be permitted immediate entry to assess and triage hunger strikers.



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