Homelessness is Not a Crime: Cops off Our Subways

  • Honest assessments of crime statistics so that the NYPD is not able to exploit public fear of violent crime in order to foreclose debates about the police force’s budget, size, and scope of activities.
  • A robust, fully funded set of public policies oriented toward social justice that are implemented by trained professionals.
  • An end to utilizing police officers as the first responders in any situation involving homelessness, mental illness, substance use, and other public health issues.
  • Defund the police by $3 billion (50% of its formal budget).
  • Dismantle the broader carceral system that includes not only the prison industrial complex but the penetration of police and policing logics throughout the city (e.g., transit system, homeless shelters, public housing, EMS situations, schools, child welfare, and social service agencies).
  • Reinvest those funds in community based social programs in order to create a genuinely safe city where all residents can flourish.



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NYC-DSA Racial Justice Working Group

NYC-DSA Racial Justice Working Group

Racial Justice Working Group is part of the NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Follow us as we #DefundNYPD and refund the people.