In response to the February 2021 stabbing of four people on New York City subway, the NYPD has deployed an additional 644 transit and police officers throughout the city’s transit system. This measure was welcomed by the Metropolitan Transit Association (MTA), who had requested a total of 1,500 officers be reassigned to the transit system. Several days later, when two Asian women were attacked by strangers in the subway system, New Yorkers across the political spectrum fell prey to a familiar, faulty logic: The greater the police presence, the safer the city. …

A statement by NYC-DSA’s #DefundNYPD Campaign

Last Thursday, with the release of his Preliminary NYC Budget, Mayor de Blasio made his priorities painfully clear. He has responded to a summer of protests against anti-Black police brutality and nationwide calls to defund the police — by proposing even more funding for the NYPD.

It’s a bizarre, albeit unsurprising move from our weak-willed Mayor, at a time when the white supremacist ties to our nation’s police have been laid bare for the entire world to see. As revelations emerge about law enforcement’s collusion with right-wing rioters at the Capitol, and as the…

NYC-DSA Racial Justice Working Group

Racial Justice Working Group is part of the NYC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Follow us as we #DefundNYPD and refund the people.

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