• Alex Segura

    Alex Segura

    Crime writer. Miami mysteries SILENT CITY and DOWN THE DARKEST STREET out now via @polisbooks. PR guy at @archiecomics. Vegan. NYC resident.

  • MomsUnited4BlackLivesNYC


    Grassroots Non-profit organization advocating for racial equity in our schools and communities everyday.

  • S. Michael Gaddis

    S. Michael Gaddis

    UCLA professor. Peeking into the interesting parts of the social world through data.

  • Tatianni


  • Katie Nowak

    Katie Nowak

  • Miranda Jackel

    Miranda Jackel

  • Moon Bastet

    Moon Bastet

    Moon Bastet, MBA, MHRM, MPM … Top Writer in BLM, LGBTQ, Love, Feminism, Racism, and Music. — Freelance Writer: moonbastetwrites@gmail.com

  • Syd IsIand

    Syd IsIand

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